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Our Technology

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Our manufacturing technology uses proprietary cGMP processing techniques to maintain the regenerative properties of amniotic membrane sheets. Our processed amniotic membrane contain active proteins with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, while the preserved extracellular matrix serves as a scaffold for tissue repair and regeneration.

Why choose AmNova ?

  • Minimally processed to preserve the natural properties of amniotic membrane

  • The three native layers of amniotic membrane: the epithelium, basement membrane and stroma are preserved

  • More than 2,500 doses of our product sold with no side effects reported

  • Designed for direct application on wounds by medical professionals

  • Available in multiple sheet sizes to adjust to any type of wound

  • Offered in ready-to-use hydrated membrane, or dehydrated membrane

  • Shelf-stable for up to five years

Amniotic Tissue Donation

Amniotic membrane surrounds and protects the developing babies in the mother’s womb. After the baby is delivered, either naturally or via cesarian section, amniotic tissue is donated by healthy mothers. All mothers are screened and interviewed prior to the donation to ensure safety. No harm is caused to either the mother or the baby.



cGMP research and commercial manufacturing facility

Our cGMP facility has developed a proprietary processing and sterilization techniques for amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane that ensure the innate biologic activity of its ingredients for therapeutic applications. 

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