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The Ultimate
Wound Care Solution

Our AmNova    amniotic membrane allograft sets the standard for excellence in ocular and wound management applications. We carefully prepare each AmNova    allograft for exceptional performance, wherever you need it. 



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Maximizing the Regenerative Power of Amniotic Membrane

Our AmNova cross-linked human amniotic membrane allograft has stringent quality controls to deliver the best patient outcomes. We use proprietary processing techniques to retain the native cytokines, growth factors, and collagen to support tissue healing and optimize antibacterial properties.

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Minimally Processed

Our proprietary processing technique maintains the regenerative properties of amniotic membrane, including active cytokines, growth factors, and collagen to support healing.

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Ultimate Convenience

Choose from our hydrated sheets, which are ready to use without soaking or thawing, or our dehydrated options. For added convenience, AmNova is stable at room temperature for up to 5 years - no refrigeration necessary.

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Trusted Worldwide

AmNova Amniotic Membrane Allograft has been used over 2,500 times. We take pride in the trust we've earned from leading physicians around the world.

Discover the AmNova Difference

AmNova Wound & Ocular Applications

Amniotic membrane has been used for a range of healing applications throughout the body, including wound care and ocular repair.


Recent publications have demonstrated application to common wounds, such as lower extremity wounds, as well as skin lesions associated with rare diseases. 


See how wound healing begins 

AmNova provides both a scaffold for repair, and active proteins to power healing. Our proprietary process carefully isolates the innermost amnion layer, which is rich in active proteins with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, while the preserved extracellular matrix serves as a scaffold for tissue repair and regeneration. AmNova excludes the maternal-facing layer, the chorion, to minimize risk of immunologic or inflammatory reactions. 

About Us

Eliksa is a biotechnology company developing medicines for people with few other options. Our proprietary products use the regenerative properties in amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane to promote healing for a range of diseases. Each of our products and product candidates is processed in our proprietary cGMP regenerative medicine facility, creating a uniform acellular product that maintains the biological activity of key components.

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